Meet the JetWet.

The sport power-washer made for the outdoors.

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Designed to go where you go.

The JetWet will be there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t. It’s that simple.


Powerful Results

The JetWet is strong enough to wash all the mud you found during your adventures

Watch our video to see the JetWet in action.

There are plenty of ways to use a JetWet

(we can still think of more)

Hiking Boot Cleaning Hunting Game Cleansing Mountain Bike Mud Removing Camp Fire Quenching Off-Road Vehicle Renewing Muddy Dog Bathing Water Distributing Soccer Cleat Grass Removing Surf Board Washing Campground People Showering Post Horse-Race Misting Dirt Bike Dirt Washing Scuba Diving Gear Cleansing Fishing Boat Grime Removing Tailgate Tidying Water Balloon Filling

Don’t take it from us, our customers love their JetWets.

The JetWet has been a lifesaver!
— Jose S
End your muddy misery.
A must purchase for anyone active in the great outdoors.
— Mark L
This is a must have product for racers and anyone who is on the go!
— Ronnie S
This unit is great for washing your pet, your gear, and around the campsite.

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