Portable design with powerful results.

The JetWet is designed to go where you go, so whether it’s on the trails or at the beach, it’ll keep you clean.


Watch our video to see the JetWet in action.


Compact, cordless and lightweight.

With 85 psi of water pressure up your sleeve, there won’t be much you won’t be able to wash away.


The JetWet won’t ever let you down, here’s why


Our customers love their JetWets, here’s what some of them have to say.

Two charging cords, adjustable spray nozzle and ample hose with a Lifetime Warranty! All this make it a must purchase for anyone active in the great outdoors. I’m very pleased with my JetWet, along with my wife as she has no problems getting all the shampoo rinsed out of her hair. Just try and do that with a gravity shower!
— Mark L
Let me tell you, the JetWet has been a lifesaver…it really has been a great addition to my van. Remarkably I have yet to kill the battery on my JetWet after using it every day to either wash my dishes, rinse my feet after being in smelly climbing shoes all day, or even showering with it after a long, grueling day on the Middle Teton. But don’t you worry, because when the day comes and my JetWet needs a boost, I am ready to plug it in to my solar powered battery.
— Jose S
This is a must have product for racers. The JetWet is the first line of defense between races to clean riding gear and number plates. Cooling down your core temperature and washing your hands after bike maintenance are two great resources to have at the track! This is a must-have product for racers and anybody who is on the go!
— Ronnie S

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